Prism Central registration failed; pre-registration checks issue encountered

  • 7 March 2024
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I have AHV version 20220304.342. I have deployed Prism Central version pc.2022.6.0.5 but when I try and register it I get an error message under tasks that tells me:

  • Pre registration checks - failed

The reason is showing as ‘The username or password entered is incorrect’

I have tried all different combinations for the user ‘admin’ and have even changed it but still the same?

I also went into Local User Management and created another admin user account but still got the same result using that one too?

Any advice welcome please?


Many thanks


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2 replies

Just to be clear, are you creating a new “User Admin” within Prism Central? The username and password that are incorrect are the login for Prism Central. If you just deployed it, you need to log into the new PC and change the default password BEFORE you can register your PE instance to it.

Thanks, I’ve discovered that the issue was due to a simple password issue which I’ve now fixed