Nutanix - Server is not reachable

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I am new to this companies Nutanix system and we’re getting “Server is not reachable” from the Prisim login screen.

I’m getting information overload trying to find where to start diagnosing this issue. Hoping someone can point me in a direction of what to try first. I am remote so I cannot interact with the system directly.

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Hi there, I’ve had this issue before, but then it was just a caching issue on my browser. Does it work in other browsers or incognito? Assuming you’re using chrome.

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Tried other browsers and incognito. Same issue.

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As you’ve tried other browsers etc this doesn’t apply, but if the server producing the Prism web pages has changed then you need to refresh the page to get it to check the SSL cert again. If the CVM is overloaded and can’t produce the Prism interface you can see this too. Are you able to SSH to the CVM?

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I’m not familiar enough with this platform to know about the “server producing the Prism web page”. Servers on the Nutanix system are working and the Prism login populates, but the error occurs after several minutes of waiting for it to login. I am able to SSH into Nutanix and it gives a disclaimer against making “unsupported alterations”.

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Hello @IPC_ahaas 

Are you able to SSH to Nutanix CVM via User “Nutanix” Username? If yes, can you share output of following command:

curl localhost:2019/prism/leader && echo

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The password we have on file for the nutanix user isn’t working. I’ll have to get back to this when I figure out what else it could be.

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When I login as “admin”, it says:

-bash: /home/nutanix/ncc/ncc_completion.bash: Permission denied

but I can run commands it looks like. Is it safe to run the command you posted as “admin”? I’m not certain what it does.

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you can switch user to nutanix “su - nutanix” and run the command.

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Logging in as Admin and then running “su - nutanix” prompts for the password which we don’t have. It should be the default “nutanix/4u” but it’s not working.

Running the command “curl localhost:2019/prism/leader && echo” returns:

{“leader”:””, “is_local”:true}

That IP and port does not resolve in my browser.

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Hello @IPC_ahaas 

I would recommend to involve support on this issue. As next step, password for account “nutanix” should be reset in order to resolve reported issue.

Reference Link: How to reset the CVM password back to default when user forgot Prism and CVM passwords

However, i recommend to involve support for steps mentioned in above link


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Our support contact has expired. I emailed them regarding this and I’m waiting to hear back. The link you provided does not resolve. I changed the “nutanix” user password using the process in this link: Recover CVM's nutanix user Password Through the Prism Web Console

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I had a comment that this page just denied, so I’m typing it again. How annoying.


I stumbled upon some documentation from the former employee who had detailed PuTTy instructions to login using a password less key. I was able to login as “admin” and run the command that @rohan.saksena-55595 mentioned earlier and got:

{"leader":"IPADDRESS:9080", "is_local":true}

The “IPADDRESS” returned was not the IP I was using to SSH into the system, nor is it the IP of the Prisim login page I’ve been using.

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@IPC_ahaas Thanks for reaching out. We may have to investigate on what is happening and troubleshoot accordingly.

Please open a case with Support so that we can resolve this for you.

Reference Link:

Rohan Saksena

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This link takes me to a page that says “Invalid/Expired contract. Please contact” which is why I am seeking help from the community.

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@IPC_ahaas Thanks for the response. Based in details shared, we may have to investigate reported issue on what is happening and troubleshoot accordingly.

Please open a case with Support so that we can resolve this for you.

If we have a expired contract scenario, please reach out to “” for renewal assistance.

Rohan Saksena

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Can I change the DNS server the Nodes are looking for via SSH? I noticed we’re getting “dns_server_check” failures. It’s looking for our old DNS server.

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Is this the correct command to add a nameserver:

ncli cluster add-to-name-servers servers=NAME_SERVER_IP


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Called support and got an answer right away. Yes, the command is correct.

Also, to remove a name server it’s:

ncli cluster remove-from-name-servers servers=NAME_SERVER_IP

That resolved one issue, and the health check now shows PASS on ton of things.

It is also showing “Cluster/node reports it is currently undergoing maintenance/upgrade.” which appears to be a whole other issue.

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OK, I’m a little smarter now. Our Hypervisor is version 20201105.2175 and I found this support document:

Login to PC UI fails with "Server is not reachable" (

While I don’t have the “version affected” which is “2021.x”. I don’t know if the Hypervisor is the same as Prism Central or if “PC” stands for Prism Central. I’m wondering if the article doesn’t list ALL the affected versions, just the latest affected version. As mine is older, it would be affected too. If that’s the case, I now need to check the roles for the accounts.

Searching for what seems like basic information on Nutanix is painful. Either we can’t do much via cli, or they just don’t list how to do things via cli.

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Well, it’s not that

ncli user list

shows that there are two accounts and that both have:


which to me means “when both Admin and Prism Central Admin roles are selected, the local user is able to login.” as the support document I linked says, they should be able to login. So  it’s not that. Something else is making my server unreachable.



Anybody have same issue with me:

  • My user can login Prism Central but get error "Server is not reachable.” when login Prism Element.
  • Our PC has 03 PE (cluster)


For the Good of the Group:

My Issue:
Yesterday I could log into the cluster fine,
Today, no Cluster access, as far as I knew nothing changed…

We know, something always changes, in my case I updated my browser(Brave)
It has always worked before, but it stopped working this morning.
I had to clear the browser cache and turn off “Shields” in the browser


Check your pop-up blockers, and js settings. make sure you aren’t blocking something.


I’m having this issue with Prism Element.  With just some people.  We are all admins.  Myself and two other people can log into Prism Element just fine. From any machine with any browser. Two other people get “Server is not reachable” regardless of which machine the connect from or which browser they use. They have even logged into the VM that I use to manage the Nutanix environment from and they get the same error. They can log into Prism Central just fine.  They can login with the admin account just fine.  I’m stumped.  I can’t really open a support ticket because, I can’t duplicate the issue myself.