Download snapshots from Prism

  • 21 September 2022
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How can I download Snapshot files from Prism or via SSH?

I’m trying to follow this tutorial Nutanix Files - Deleting internal snapshots (SSR and CFT snapshots (as to find out where the snapshots are) but I’m encountering an error when I try to run the command “afs info.nvmips” I’m receiving “Failed to get FileServerVms”. 

Can you please help?

2 replies

When running “ncli fs ls” I receive [None] which appears to indicate that there is no File Server VM.

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Hi @Joseraeiro 

This article applies to NUTANIX FILES which is an optional functionality available in the Nutanix Platform. Are you sure you have FILES running in your Nutanix Cluster?

If you are trying to manage VM Snapshots, then you may find this more useful:  snapshot: Snapshot