Prism UI - time zone and timestamps shown on events

  • 20 May 2015
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So the hosts themselves have been changed accordingly for the timezone the customer wants, but was wondering, for Prism to show the correct timestamps on stuff being done, would this come from the CVM time zone or where is the setting for the switching PRISM to use the customer specified timezone for timestamps?

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5 replies

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well, this is a customer in central time zone and i am assuming they haven't yet changed the CVMs time zone yet, so the endpoint hitting PRISM would be off from PRISM CVM itself and therefore that is what i was wondering would cause it. Cause they are telling me timestamps of what they see in PRISM are what looks like PST versus their laptops which are CST
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Are the times between your cluster CVMs and the desktop you're using more than 5 minutes apart?
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I have the Prism UI and alerts and events are show as per the timezone of your local computer.
If it is not working for you, I would request you to open up a support ticket with Nutanix support

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Not sure i follow then as the laptop (and other endpoints) we are hitting PRISM from is definitely not Pacific time and my timestamps are showing pacific time so that can't be it. That is why i was thinking maybe the CVMs timezone as those are the VMs we are hitting of course to bring up PRISM
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Prism will show the timezone of the machine from where you are logged into the Prism.