How to disable IPMI VLAN

  • 14 August 2015
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hi all,
I have problem for IPMI,Enable the VLAN in the WEB,so now,I con't unable to connect to IPMI.
In order to solve this problem,ihave try the following methods:

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4 replies

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Thanks for the question, I will see what I can do for you 🙂
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Hi muxiaoyuI wonder if this link has at least part of your answer? us know results.
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Adding to 's comment, pasting command from another thread

ipmiutil lan -e -I -G -S -h 0

-h switch determines the VLAN

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Hi muxiaoyuBecause you are not able to lan communication for IPMI, you need to work on a hypervisor shell.Command is:~ # / Ipmitool [Option] Ipmiutil [Option] ipmiutil lan -e -I [IP Addr] -G [Gateway] -S [Subnet] -h [VLAN ID :To disable the VLAN Id, set the ID to a value greater than 4096.]

Good luck~~