Foundation IP not set.

  • 8 March 2023
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Hey guys

I am reinstalling three Lenovo HX5521 nodes and I got stuck on the below error

Foundation IP not set. Try running the “set_foundation_ip_address” script on the desktop

I'm running the foundation vm on the same subnet of the IPMI interfaces connected directly to an unmanaged switch, without VLANs or any other configuration. connectivity is perfect. I already reviewed all the settings and tried to reimage foundation using ESXi and AHV. Both result in the same error.

Im running;

  • Foundation_VM-5.2.2
  • AOS euphrates-5.20.3 LTS
  • VMware-ESXi-7.0.1 or AHV-20201105.2244

I've been trying to solve this problem for three days now, but so far I haven't found any clues. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks! 👷🏽


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Complementing; There is no “set_foundation_ip_address” script on the desktop! 😅

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Nice to meet you, lets see if we can get this working.

Foundation VM connected to IPMI VLAN and connectivity working there, great.

Can the Foundation VM also reach the CVM/Host address space you’re configuring during foundation?

Do you have a copy of the Foundation log we can take a look at?





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PS. What ‘happens’ on one of the nodes when Foundation kicks in, does it reboot into Phoenix to image or does it hang / do nothing?


I’ve seen weird things where resetting the IPMI helps clear out any old stale device mounts for the NFS ISO etc.


Hey Kcmount

Thanks so much for helping.
When I start the process, the error occurs right at the beginning when testing access via IPMI, it does not start and display the options to follow the logs.

I made the drawing below to illustrate the environment

I've noticed that the hosts don't restart. They remain connected as if nothing is happening.

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Thanks, always love a good drawing.

Does the Foundation VM have access to reach VLAN 31 either through an actual interface directly on it, or via a routed connection from the 1Gb switch over to the 10Gb one to reach the SFP+ interfaces on the hosts.

If you look at scroll down to mention of ‘HX5500’ I bet you’ve got the correct ports plugged in, the IPMI/IMM and a data port I think the problem (or a future one!) is that the Foundation VM can’t reach the ‘LAN / VLAN 31’ for the pre-checks of IPs not being in use etc.

It may be worth turning the hosts off too and resetting the IPMI so you don’t need to fight with any online nonsense.

What’s on the hosts at the moment?





Thanks a lot for the tips man.

I just reset the IPMI interfaces and will review the link you provided. Soon I'll talk here about the results of the next tests.
Just out of curiosity, I have two versions of the foundation VM (5.2.2 and 5.3.4). None have the IP configuration script on the desktop. Do you have any idea? Can it be discontinued?


Aaaaaaannnnd, there we go! 😄


I want you to know that today you made someone's day!

Thank you very much for the help.
By the way, the problem was the routing between the networks. I had to create a static route in the foundation vm to reach the hosts and CVMs network. The error message didnt help AT ALL!!! 😅


Have a great day!!