Firmware version is S560301N out of date

  • 25 August 2021
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I’m getting a:

Firmware version is S560301N of Innodisk host boot disk/ dev/…. of model SATADOM-SL 3IE3 V2 is out of date.  

AHV Environment

Dell referes to the Nutanix support.  Can someone post the actual download link/ the download area? Thanks,

4 replies

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Hi @Dennis112233 

Something like this you will want to open a ticket with support and the team can provide you with guidance.

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Hello @Dennis112233 

Please run LCM inventory and see if there are any new versions that you can upgrade firmware and other components. When upgrading firmware, you will want to be careful about the upgrade order. Here’s the recommended upgrade order guide.

The LCM fetches the firmware updates itself you won’t manually need to download the ISOs.

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It’s an isolated environment.  I have to load the firmware update manually.

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Hello @Dennis112233 Please let me know if the following doc helps: doc should contain a link to KB that has firmware download links.