Training Spotlight: Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals (NHCF)

  • 24 August 2023
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Training Spotlight: Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals (NHCF)
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Scrolling through training courses and trying to find the perfect one for you can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! In this new blog series, we will spotlight a variety of our courses that will help you choose the right course for your career goals.  


At Nutanix University, we offer a variety of training courses designed around flexibility and freedom. No matter which stage of the hybrid multicloud journey you’re on, whether it be learning basic fundamentals or performing at an advanced level, we have the perfect course fit for your needs. 

Today, we will take a deep dive into an associate-level course: Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals (NHCF)


What’s covered in NHCF? 

If you are relatively new to Nutanix and want a feature-focused introduction 
to Prism Central and its various capabilities, this course is your starting 


NHCF explores the breadth and depth of Nutanix’s centralized management 
capabilities, and allows you to explore the wide variety of features available 
in Prism Central.


Focused on getting you working with and exploring the Nutanix platform as 
quickly as possible, the course discusses key Nutanix product and cluster related concepts, and immediately moves into setting up a Nutanix cluster 
from both the perspective of Prism Central and Prism Element.


Using Prism Central, you will learn how to monitor cluster health and 
performance, create and manage VMs, and perform basic management 
tasks on hardware, storage, and networks.


Finally, you will briefly explore lifecycle manager, and how you can monitor 
installed software versions and keep them up to date with just a few clicks.



Here’s what a recent NHCF student had to say about the course: 

“This is the best course for beginners who are going to start working in a Nutanix environment and want to learn more about Nutanix fundamentals.”


Who should take it? This course is perfect for Network and security 
operations center personnel  who want to learn Nutanix  fundamentals (Prism, AOS, AHV) virtualization and cloud related concepts.

NHCF is also perfect for anyone who’s interested in securing the Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) certification as it covers key objectives that are tested on the exam.


Delivery format 

Learn more about NHCF and enroll HERE

There’s more! Stay tuned for future training spotlight features that will help you navigate the hybrid multicloud world.

Make sure to visit to find out about our other available courses. 


This article was written by Megan Guibord, Marketing Intern. 


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