The Certification Chronicles: Jason Taylor, Senior Systems Engineer

  • 9 November 2023
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The Certification Chronicles: Jason Taylor, Senior Systems Engineer
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We recently caught up with Jason Taylor, Senior Systems Engineer, to hear about his training and certification experience with Nutanix University. Check out his full interview below and watch the video to learn how getting certified has helped his career and the advice he has for you if you’re considering getting certified. 



Tell us about your training and certification experience through Nutanix University


I started off with my Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI) certification. I was able to do training on demand and obtain the certification shortly after. The practice questions and training materials were essential to obtaining that certification.

My next certification that I completed was the Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Automation (NCP-MCA). Nutanix University was able to get me that certification without any issues. I was able to go through the content and sift through it, take the practice questions, and it was very much like the examination itself. And then the one after that was the Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI). I was able to take the Advanced Administration & Performance Management (AAPM) course and get through that certification with very little issue.

For the NCM-MCI 6.5 certification exam, that was a live lab situation, and the process was very, very clean and easy. There was some documentation available so I didn't have to remember every command for the CLI, and there was some additional guidance. So if I couldn't remember every step, there was some guidance to get me to the correct answer.


How has taking training and getting certified benefitted your career?

Nutanix University has allowed me to study at my own pace. It's allowed me to obtain industry leading certifications and be able to be a leader in those technologies in my department and among my peers. And that's allowed for income increases through raises or potentially in promotions, and has made me a leader to help train other peers and junior engineers so they can also obtain their certifications.

The importance for training and certification for Nutanix is so you know how to properly use the software and to be able to have a great breadth of knowledge of all of the pieces so you can use it to its full potential.


What advice would you give to someone interested in taking training and getting certified? 

I would certainly encourage you to create an account and just take a look at the options that are available. Typically, before I even start my process, I will take some notes, usually for terminologies If I'm not exactly sure how the technologies work, I'll do a Test Drive or I'll look into the available Bootcamps so I can take a look at the technology before immersing myself fully into it.


To learn more about Nutanix University training and certifications, visit our website. 


This article was written by Karlie Beil, Sr. Customer Marketing Specialist. 


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