Nutanix University October Video Rewind

  • 3 November 2022
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Nutanix University October Video Rewind
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Check out these Nutanix University videos you may have missed this month! 


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October Video Rewind 


Scaling Nutanix Objects Within AND Across Clusters | Tech Bytes 

Struggling to cope with explosive data growth? See how easy it is to expand a Nutanix Objects deployment, either by scaling out the cluster or by adding more clusters to the object namespace – or both!


Nutanix Security Central Deployment | Tech Bytes 

In this video, you'll learn how to deploy Nutanix security central in just a few minutes. Nutanix security central keeps organizations more secure in a Hybrid Cloud scenario than anyone else.


Save Money with Hibernate | Tech Bytes

Trick or Treats into Halloween with Nutanix Cloud Clusters. Save money in AWS with shutting down your workloads for the weekend and bring them back Monday morning without losing any data.


Security Isn’t Something to Set and Forget | Tech Barometer Podcast

In this podcast, Davis Hake, UC Berkeley lecturer and co-founder of Resilience Insurance, talks about the rise and spread of cyber threats facing governments, enterprises and individuals.



Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure Series: 


Architecture | Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure | Tech Bytes

Brief overview of the required architecture for deploying Nutanix AOS on Microsoft bare-metal.



NAT and No NAT Overview | Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure | Tech Bytes

This is continuation of Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure - Network Traffic. This video shows the logical network flow using the Flow Gateway VM in Azure with NAT and no NAT. 


Portal Resources Architecture | Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure | Tech Bytes 

See the consumed resources of NC2 Cluster inside of the Azure Portal. You will also get a deeper understanding of the architecture of NC2.


How to lift and shift into Azure | Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure | Tech Bytes 

Easily moving on-premises workloads to Azure by using native Nutanix DR features. Nutanix administrators can quickly move their workloads to Azure and also move them back when needed.


Migrating Non-Nutanix Workloads | Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure | Tech Bytes

Using Nutanix Move to move workloads from Vsphere ESXi on-prem to Microsoft Azure using Nutanix Move.


Direct Access to Native Resources | Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure | Tech Bytes

An overview of configuring Flow Virtual Networking for Azure inside of Prism Central. Check the Youtube channel for recent videos that show the logical and physical networking path. 


Network Traffic | Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure | Tech Bytes

Learn how traffic flows from a virtual machine running on a Nutanix Cluster in Azure out to the rest of the cloud and back to on-premises.



Deploying Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Azure | Tech Bytes 

Quickly deploy a Nutanix Cluster on bare-metal in Microsoft Azure. Enable quicker migrations and DR to the cloud without any retooling for your on-prem administrators.



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