New Delivery Platform for Nutanix Certifications

  • 23 January 2020
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New Delivery Platform for Nutanix Certifications
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This post was authored by Jill Liles Connected Customer Experience Manager at Nutanix.

The Nutanix Certification team is thrilled to let you know about our new exam delivery platform, available today!

This new platform offers streamlined enrollment and registration, while maintaining exam security and the flexibility of remote delivery. The new platform will also provide faster exam results – you’ll know your certification status immediately. Download step by step registration instructions here.

What’s new:

  • Exam Scheduling: The new system has you schedule your exam time in advance, which lets you plan your time and study schedule. Of course, we know things change, so rescheduling is simple too.
  • Self Service Exam Registration: Simply log into your Nutanix Education account and click on the “Take an Exam” link. Select the exam you want to take and you’ll be automatically transferred to the new platform to finish registering.
  • Immediate Results: Because the exam is proctored in real-time you no longer have to wait for someone to review your exam and provide results. You’ll know if you passed right away, and if you didn’t pass you’ll receive a breakdown of the knowledge areas to focus on for next time. Note: it may take a few days to receive your certificate while the systems sync.
  • Simplified Identity Confirmation: Our new system verifies your identity during your exam appointment, removing the need for a separate “onboarding” process.

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