NCAP 5.10 Beta Exam Now Open

  • 14 January 2020
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NCAP 5.10 Beta Exam Now Open
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This post was authored by Saad Azam Education & Community Marketing Specialist at Nutanix.

Help build the future NCAP!

The Nutanix Certification team has been busy developing an update for the Nutanix Certified Advanced Professional (NCAP) program to cover AOS 5.10 – and it’s now ready for beta testing at no charge.

But there is a catch – the beta exam is only open to the first 100 people to complete it. After that, we’ll pull the results and begin working towards the live exam.

Beta testers are also a critical part of the exam development process, and Nutanix is one of the few companies to open this process to the public. We hope you’ll take part and support the program’s success.

To get started,

Review the exam blueprint guide

Register just like you would any other exam

Enter discount code W5C3U2XT at check out to remove the exam fee

 Frequently asked questions

 How do Beta Exams differ from Live Exams?

Beta exams are a little different from a fully live (or GA) exam, in a couple of ways.

First, they have more questions and you’ll have longer to complete it. This lets us see which questions perform well and can be used on the live exam and which should be removed.

Unlike a live exam, you won’t receive a score right away. That will come after we analyze the results, which means there is a short delay between when you complete the exam and when you receive your results (typically around 4 weeks). But you can rest assured, passing the beta version of an exam gives you the same certification as passing the live exam.

The final difference between a beta exam and the live is exam is the price – beta exams are completely free! That’s right, you could earn the latest version of the NCAP before everyone else and pay nothing for it.

Why should I take this exam if I’m already an NCAP?

Passing the v5.10 version of the exam is an excellent way to show your employers, customers, and colleagues that you are committed to staying current on Nutanix technology.

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