Xi IoT On The Road

  • 6 June 2019
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Xi IoT On The Road
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This post was authored by Bao Phan Sr. Marketing Programs Manager, IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting many enterprises but if utilized properly, it can set your business apart from the rest. In order to harness the power of IoT devices, you must consider processing data in real-time close to where the data is generated. With real-time insights you get a perspective on how machines are running or if factory workers are wearing proper safety gear. It’s made easy with Xi IoT. We really love helping enterprises learn about these new technologies so we will be in Boston and Chicago, where you can catch some demos and sit in on sessions with our experts.

June 5-6: Internet of Manufacturing
Swissotel, Chicago
Visit us in the Montreaux hall to learn how Xi IoT helps manufacturing organizations leverage real-time data from image analytics, equipment monitoring, and other sensors to improve operational efficiency. Walk through the management console to see how application developers can quickly connect data sources to transformation logic, and easily deploy configurations to hundreds of edge devices.

You’ll also have the opportunity to join an in depth session.

Session: Thursday June 6th
Track: Edge to Cloud | Data Analytics
2:30 - 2:55 PM
Leverage Real-time Data to Lead the Industry 4.0 Revolution: Industry 4.0 is powered by IoT devices, sensors, and web-enabled applications that can process streams of manufacturing data right on the shop floor. IoT represents a computing paradigm shift from the centralized cloud model to the decentralized edge computing model. Learn why a platform approach is better than a vertical applications mindset, and why your application vendors and developers are already thinking this way.
Tom Queen, Head of Strategic Business - IoT & AI

June 11-13: Liveworx
Boston Convention Center
Visit us at Booth #345 to learn how Xi IoT helps bridge OT and IT organizations, and helps application developers quickly transform data gained from Kepware installations to accelerate smart manufacturing initiatives. From predicting equipment failure, to product quality checks, and more - Xi IoT alongside Kepware can give your organization a competitive edge.
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Our experts will be presenting on the following topics.

Session: Tuesday June 11
Track: IIoT & Smart Connected Products
2:15 - 3:00 PM
Modernizing OT and IT for IIoT and AI: Industry 4.0 has begun -- are you poised for success in the new era? IIoT represents a computing paradigm shift from the centralized cloud model to the decentralized edge computing model. In this session, you will learn to minimize operational technology (OT) complexity by streamlining the lifecycle management of PTC and Kepware applications, while at the same time co-existing with newer apps that use AI, containers, analytics leverage Edge Computing platform. You will hear about a real-world IIoT deployment use case with IT and OT working together for planet-scale operations, security at the edge, security of data, on-boarding developers, and cloud-native concepts.
Amit Jain, Director, Product Management, IoT and Mahesh Patil, Senior Staff Engineer, IoT

Session: Wednesday June 12
Track: Industry 4.0
9:45 - 10:00 AM
IoT: Respect the Present and Build for Future: We are seeing a change from use-case specific IoT app silos to a platform approach to run both traditional IoT apps; and enable the creation of new-generation, data science based apps. We will discuss and demonstrate IoT platform considerations towards solving planet-scale operations, data processing and security at the edge, convergence of edge and cloud, and onboarding developers and cloud-native concepts to eliminate complexity and accelerate development.
Amit Jain, Director, Product Management, IoT and Mahesh Patil, Senior Staff Engineer, IoT

Xi IoT is helping our manufacturing customers realize their Industry 4.0 initiatives. Come see us at these events to learn how your organization can benefit from the automation and machine learning features that Xi IoT brings to the edge.

Even if you aren’t able to join us in person, sign up for a FREE 10 day trial today and give it a try for yourself! There are some great tutorials to help you get started.

Visit and to learn more and follow us on twitter @NutanixIoT. Let’s disrupt the edge together!

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