🌟 Welcome to the Elite League of Tech Superheroes— Nutanix Technology Champions 2024!

  • 12 December 2023
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🌟 Welcome to the Elite League of Tech Superheroes— Nutanix Technology Champions 2024!
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This powerhouse of IT pros is a melting pot of brilliance, spanning every cloud, application and tech realm. Their diverse backgrounds and mastery are the driving force behind innovative solutions that are shaping the hybrid multicloud landscape.

These champions aren't just tech wizards; they're mentors, motivators, and community builders. They've spent the past year paving the way for others and proving that true strength comes from collaboration.

As we gear up for another thrilling year, take a moment to connect, share your victories and spread the excitement on social media using #Nutanix. This community is a powerhouse of knowledge, and the learning opportunities are boundless.

Missed the cut this time? Fear not! Reach out on our community site @ntnx_angelo  and let's strategize for your triumphant entry in 2025.

Now, here's a secret weapon few unleash: Start today. Create a hybrid multicloud legacy with a public showcase of your expertise. Dreaming of a YouTube channel? Launch it now. Craving that blog? Begin today. Eyeing a spot at a user group? Take the plunge now!

Take a look back at the incredible content you've crafted that has left an indelible mark on the community. Your journey starts now. Let's make 2025 your year of triumph!

🚀 Cheers to the Nutanix Technology Champions of 2024! 🚀

Technology Champions of 2024
Adam Behman Andrea Martins Ribeiro Bart Donders Bennett Roller
Bilel KAMMOUN Bill Louth Borja Caballero Cervantes Brad Burgess 
Bryan Kuhn Celso Toledo Chad Dorr Csaba Keresztessy
David Strum Derek Sailors Devin Costa Dominic Mason
Donnie Barber Drew Plaster Faisal Jawaid Farhan Parkar
Frank Mazzotti Go Watanabe Guy Defryn Harvey Green III
Hernan Scavetta Jagdev Singh Virdi James Terrell Jared Hamilton
Jason Taylor Jeffrey McGuff Jeroen Tielen Johan Brems
John Hamilton John Hein  John Sam George Jon Dustin
Jonas Högman Jonathan Rullan Julien Dumur Justin Bell
Kaley Cline Keigo Tomomatsu Ken Farrell Kevin Grube
Kim Mount Klaus Carette Leandro Wagner Paes Louis-Xavier Piqueret
Manfred Pichlbauer Mark Josepher Maroane BOUTAYEB Martin Betwinek
Matthew Day Matthieu Gioia Mattias Sundling Michael Bates
Mike Dent Mikhail Kisselyov Moustafa Hindawi Patrick Damen
Paul Bitton Philip Sellers Raj Patel René Bigler
Rene van den Bedem Rickard Wendel Ronnie Hamilton Scott Osborne
Scott Riser Stephen Kay Stephen Linker Steve Cooper
Steve Elgan Steve Heinzig Taiju Masuda Takahiro HAGIWARA 
 Thomas Dory Todd Burris Toshiya Nagahama Ugo Pace
Vinicius Sondermann Martins Oliveira Will Fulmer    


35 replies

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Delighted - thank you, and congratulations to all :)

Congratulations Everyone! Well Deserved all around. 


Same as Kim, delighted to made it to the cut again. Next year is going to be awesome (starting with the 1st NUG in Belgium).

Congratz all!!!

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Congrats everyone!


Congrats all!

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Wow, Christmas came early! Thank you Nutanix, thank you @aluciani for letting me be part of this awesome group for another year!

congrats everyone, one more year together...

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Congratulations to all! Thank you 

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Congrats everyone! 🙌

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Congrats to all old and new NTCs 🕺🏼


Thank you team! Really happy to be part of this community. 

Congratulations everyone! Couldn’t be more excited to join this group. Looking forward to a great 2024!


Congratulations to everyone. All of us, let’s make 2024 to be great and fun year for all Nutants.


Congratulations to everyone….!

Applied for the 1st time but will try again for 2025.

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Congratulations to all returnees and new NTCs ! You guys rocks !

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Congratulation to everyone and many thanks @aluciani for the opportunity of being part of this awesome community another year, humbled and delighted 😀. Christmas came early this year!

Congrats everyone! I’m happy to make the list for the first time! 😀

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Wow super cool! Congrats everyone ! :-)

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Congratulations to everyone! Pleasure to be part of this great community! Thanks @aluciani for being the man with the plan. 

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Congrats all. 💪🏻

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Amazing team! Congrats you all and thank you @aluciani!

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Best news to see today!   Congrats to everyone on the team and Thank you for selecting again. Looking forward to another year.

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Congrats everyone! There are some amazing individuals on this NTC 2024 list, and I am very privileged to be a part of this very elite group, again! 👏🏻

And none of this would be possible without @aluciani! 🎖️

Congrats to all the new and returning NTCs. This is an awesome group of people!


Here is Vinicius from Brazil 🇧🇷, my first time as NTC, a huge honor and I will do everything to stay technically at the team's level and collaborating as much as possible with the community, congratulations to us all.