Wipro VirtuaDesk(TM) : Reimagining VDI as a Service with HPE and Nutanix HCI

  • 11 June 2019
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Wipro VirtuaDesk(TM) : Reimagining VDI as a Service with HPE and Nutanix HCI
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This post was authored by Manoj Gupta, VP, Global SI, Nutanix and Seshu Kumar G V, General Manager, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Wipro

Uniting Wipro’s deep systems integration & managed services knowledge with HPE and Nutanix HCI to deliver improved business agility, productivity and superior end user experiences.

More and more enterprises are moving to virtualized desktops due to the immense value of the capability to rapidly, securely provision apps, workspaces, and data to a mobile, distributed, global workforce. Better access to enterprise technology services means more collaboration, higher productivity, and less wasted time.

Desktop virtualization has the potential to transform the way employees can collaborate and deliver by bringing diverse teams across the globe together to work on critical projects without limitation of distance. Instant service delivery to dispersed desktops and mobile devices enables more flexibility to meet challenges and opportunities that emerge at the speed of business. Unprecedented scalability helps avoid costly investments in excess capacity while providing a more agile environment for developers and end users to collaborate. More flexible resourcing makes it easier than ever before for professionals to use technology to solve ground-level problems. And features like roles-based access and a secure, central data center help manage risk across the organization.

But without the right tools, these benefits arrive alongside a serious technology management challenge. Virtualizing enterprise-scale computing infrastructure is a complex technical feat. Delayed deployment cycles and performance problems stemming from a poorly managed implementation risk negating the very benefits that VDI seeks to provide.

VirtuaDesk™️ is a comprehensive workplace virtualization solution that enables the power and flexibility of VDI while dramatically streamlining VDI service delivery.

Leveraging HPE converged infrastructure, Nutanix AOS, and leading virtualization platforms like Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft, VirtuaDesk can run on vSphere or Nutanix’s built-in Acropolis Hypervisor. Managed by Wipro’s veteran VDI team, this integrated offering is purpose-built to drive tangible business value by enabling superior performance and end-user productivity while dramatically simplifying the administrative workload and costs that come with running an enterprise scale VDI service.

VirtuaDesk was developed specifically with the management challenge of large-scale enterprise VDI in mind. A complete desktop virtualization offering, VirtuaDesk leverages standardized reference architecture[1] that allows fully configured appliances to be shipped directly to customers. Or, VirtuaDesk is available as an off-site cloud deployment, with desktops, apps, and data provisioned through a private cloud.

This turnkey solution enables dramatically reduced deployment time for virtual workspaces, with near instant delivery to authorized users. It provides users access to business-critical apps and data remotely—and all while keeping sensitive data secure in the datacenter and maintaining high availability for disaster recovery scenarios.

VirtuaDesk reimagines VDI as an all-in-one service, integrating leading enterprise virtualization solutions into a cohesive package that provides clients with the power of VDI, without the accompanying administrative headaches:
  • Self-service portals let end-users securely download apps and data as needed. Users can select needed tools from an enterprise App Store based on their business role.
  • Automated onboarding and provisioning processes are faster and work without handholding from IT.
  • Support automation increases responsiveness and end-user satisfaction while preserving internal support efforts for tougher technical issues. The VirtuaDesk team provides full operational support, taking on updates, installations, configurations, and more.
  • End-to-end, automated 24x7x365 service monitoring ensures quality and rapid issue resolution without introducing another cumbersome workflow for internal admins.
  • A highly scalable VDI service helps control costs while staying agile in response to emerging market opportunities.
  • The same flexible service is capable of meeting operational demands ranging from HQ data analytics to support for sprawling ROBO and partner locations.
  • VirtuaDesk comes with a set of proven processes and tools that can accelerate customer Windows 10 migrations while refining application delivery models to give best user experience and simplify application management
A truly comprehensive service, all VirtuaDesk deployments include implementation and ongoing operations support. Nutanix’s software-defined storage is specifically designed to efficiently support high-performance VDI scenarios. And HPE enables consistent performance when scaling up VDI infrastructure for new offices, new acquisitions, or new business units. Tied together by Wipro’s proven implementation and support expertise, VirtuaDesk offers the novel ability to procure a fully configured, fully customizable VDI deployment through a single service contract.

Contact us at to learn more about what VirtuaDesk can do for your business. Or, come visit Nutanix in booth 400 at HPE Discover in Las Vegas.

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[1] HPE DL380 servers, HPE SAS Storage, and HPE 5800 series Switches

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