Which version of our ECA course is right for you?

  • 22 July 2019
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Which version of our ECA course is right for you?
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This post was authored by Saad Azam EDU & Community Marketing Specialist

Nutanix Technical Certifications were designed to recognize the practical skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and scale the Enterprise Cloud. Earning these certifications demonstrates that you have established abilities and are prepared to lead your company along the next chapter of their Cloud journey!

These are just some benefits on a broader scale that you can acquire from the Nutanix Certification Program. Nutanix Training and Certification Programs are designed to build your knowledge and skills for the enterprise cloud era.

The best part of all this? It’s about YOUR choice. Our training programs are completely customizable – pick what works best for you from a mix of online, instructor-led, or video training. Once the training is completed, use the knowledge you acquired to participate in one of our industry-recognized certification programs!

People who participate in our Certification Programs leave more than satisfied and reap the benefits of a lifetime. Nutanix Technical Certifications are a badge of honor, intended to recognize the skills and knowledge you've acquired to effectively improve and scale your Enterprise Cloud. Tim Buckholz, who has our highest level of certification, the Nutanix Platform Expert (a peer-vetted, hypervisor agnostic certification designed for veteran solution engineers, consultants, and architects), had this to say about them:

My certifications have been very beneficial for me – both as a formal validation of what I know, so that makes you eligible for career growth and also a demonstration to myself that I capable of achieving something at that level.

Earning these certifications endorses your already-proven abilities to guide your organization along the next chapter of your enterprise cloud journey. The benefits don’t stop at just receiving the certification on completion. Below are some additional key benefits to our Technical Certifications:

  1. Build Your Skills – Acquire new skills on not only Nutanix, but on different technical aspects. According to a 2018 survey data, 97 percent of Nutanix certification holders said they increased their technical knowledge and skills.
  2. Digital Badges – Nutanix digital badges give you a quick and simple way to share your certification on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, and much more.
  3. Certification Logo Store – Show off the certification you worked so hard for with shirts, mugs, and different accessories while proudly displaying the NCP or NCAP logo.
  4. Increased Earning Potential – In general, IT professionals who have a technical certification bring in a higher average salary than those without (salaries depend on many different factors like location, industry, and experience).
  5. Event Discounts – NCPs receive discounted admission to .NEXT, our annual Enterprise Cloud Conference. Use the extra money you save on a few months of gas or buy that spa treatment you’ve been meaning to treat yourself to.
  6. Shape Future Exams – Certification holders are invited to help develop future exams by contributing in beta exams, item writing workshops, and more.
  7. Job Credibility – Getting certified authenticates your technical skills and your commitment to the development of your professional career. Employers look at this with high regards when looking to hire.
  8. Credibility to Future Customers – Not only do the certifications help you directly, it can help you in secondhand ways as well. With them, you will have the extra validation to show your future customers that you are knowledgeable and can provide great value to them. Hannah Stevens, who is highlighted on one of our Nutanix Certification Stories on our Nutanix University YouTube Channel, highlights it best here,
“My Nutanix Certification has helped my career in the way that it provides confidence for both myself and for our customers and also for [my company]. When we put forward a solution to a company, having those certifications to back up our claims of being actually knowledgeable around the subject is very, very valuable.”

Start on the journey today to registering for your first certification! Follow the below steps to get certified.

(1) Log into the Nutanix Education Portal:
(2) Confirm the exam is available, then click on “Take an Exam.”
(3) Select “Schedule Exam.” Follow the prompts to select your exam delivery date and time, then provide your payment (or discount/voucher) information.
(4) On your scheduled date/time:
  • Follow steps 1-2.
  • Select “Launch Exam” and follow the instructions on screen.
  • Complete your exam, being sure to follow the online exam guidelines
(5) Celebrate! You’ll receive your exam results immediately. Your certificate will be available in the Education Portal within 7 days.

To find more information on exams go to Nutanix Training and Certification. There you can find information on the different certifications available, including the ‘Exam Blueprint’. The ‘Exam Blueprint’ offers guidance on how to prepare for each exam including resources for further study.

Be sure to join others in exam prep and discussion in the Education community forums - share experiences, look for mentors and get inspired to take the next level of certification.

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