1 Free TB of Nutanix Files capacity with every Nutanix AOS cluster

1 Free TB of Nutanix Files capacity with every Nutanix AOS cluster
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This post was authored by Dave Kresse, Vice President and GM of Nutanix Files

Every data center uses file storage. Why not use some for free? Nutanix Files, the simple, flexible, and intelligent file storage solution from Nutanix solves many file storage challenges for the modern datacenter. And now, Nutanix AOS customers get 1 TB of Nutanix Files capacity for free per AOS cluster. This gives Nutanix AOS customers the chance to experience this powerful file storage solution in their own environment and for many, it’s enough to provide a department share for small workloads.

What is Nutanix Files?

Nutanix Files is built on top of our innovative HCI platform to break down the silos between storage, network, and compute for your file storage.
  • Nutanix Files is simple because it eliminates complexity by providing single click deployment, single click provisioning, and single pane of glass management of your entire infrastructure with Nutanix Prism.
  • Nutanix Files is flexible because it can be deployed on many different types of hardware even mixed hardware. You can scale-up and scale-out non-disruptively by adding virtual resources or adding nodes. You can deploy as a stand-alone file storage solution or as a tightly integrated file storage and application solution on the same hyperconverged infrastructure cluster. You can deploy different types of storage (file, object, and block) from the same underlying hardware.
  • Nutanix Files is intelligent because it includes an integrated recommendation engine identifies risks to performance and availability before they become problems and recommends remediation that can be applied with a single click.

What do I get with the 1 free TB of capacity?

Nutanix is providing 1 free TB of Nutanix Files capacity that can be deployed as part of your AOS cluster at the “Nutanix Files” licensing level (Nutanix Files Pro and add-on features are not included).

What is the term length of this license?

This is not a trial, you are entitled to use the Nutanix Files license at the same term length as your Nutanix AOS license.

How will this be supported?

Support for your 1 free TB of Nutanix Files capacity will be covered by your Nutanix AOS support agreement.

How can I take advantage of this?

You already have the 1 free TB entitlement available if you are a Nutanix AOS customer. You do not need to enable this capacity. You can simply deploy and configure your Nutanix Files FSVMs and set up Nutanix Files on your AOS cluster.

What if I require more than 1 TB of file storage?

Nutanix Files is a generally available product that can be deployed as a part of your AOS cluster and licensed by capacity or can be deployed on it’s own dedicated cluster and licensed by capacity. If you require additional capacity, you can purchase capacity licenses and expand your existing Files deployment, no need to rip the free Files capacity you’ve already deployed.

Can I deploy Nutanix Files Pro on a mixed cluster?

No, this 1 free TB of capacity will be in a mixed cluster and must be the Nutanix Files licensing level. There are two licensing levels, Nutanix Files and Nutanix Files Pro. Nutanix Files licensing level is used in mixed clusters where other Nutanix Licensed products are deployed. Nutanix Files Pro licensing level is for clusters that are dedicated for file storage and no other Nutanix licensed products are deployed.

Where can I learn more?

For additional details, reach out to your Nutanix Sales rep and they will be happy to help you further.

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Great offer Dave for Nutanix AOS users! HYCU is stepping up to the plate to offer and provide a free 1TB of Nutanix Files Backup per AOS Cluster. Any Nutanix customer that wants to take advantage of this offer only has to reach out to a HYCU Sales at or to a Nutanix Resell partner and they can make sure they get their Free 1TB.

As the first backup solution to take advantage of Nutanix’s Change File tracking to deliver the most optimized backup for Nutanix Files, it has been a privilege to work with the fantastic Nutanix Files team.
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What version of AOS is needed to use this? Running Dell XC and still can't upgrade to 5.10. Is the free 1 TB also available with AOS 5.9?
great offering.
Jumario wrote:

What version of AOS is needed to use this? Running Dell XC and still can't upgrade to 5.10. Is the free 1 TB also available with AOS 5.9?

Hello Jumario,

Hi Jumario, you can take advantage of this free 1 TB of Nutanix Files on AOS 5.9. All versions of AOS that support Nutanix Files are entitled to this offer.