Application Consistent snapshot on Nutanix Acropolis

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Our customer would like to utilize the snapshot feature on Nutanix AHV as backup solution.

They would like to know if they could create Application Consistent snapshot.

I did some research.
1. In the Web Console Guide which mentioned about Application-Consistent Snapshots
"This option is available for ESXi only; it is not supported for Hyper-V or AHV. However, athird-party product could be used to invoke VSS when the hypervisor is Hyper-V or AHV."

2. QEMU should have guest agent and which the VirtIO Driver should have included.

So, my question is. Can Nutanix AHV support Application Consistent snapshot.


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We don't support application consistent snapshots on AHV today - it'll be supported via nutanix guest tools in the future.

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is there a roadmap where this feature is scheduled will be added? or is a a blue sky thing?

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Very near future. 🙂