Where's our storage space?

  • 18 January 2019
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I just added a new storage disk onto a VM and copied data onto it then realize we'd rather just expand the current one so I deleted the new disk and when I go to expand the current disk it is showing that I have no more space to use to expand. Where is the space going after I delete disks?


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4 replies

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Could you elaborate a little more?

You added a vdisk, copied data to it and then deleted it because you didn't need it.

Youre stating that when you go to expand the existing vdisk you want, prism is telling you there is no more storage? No?

When you delete a vdisk, the space should be reclaimed quickly after.

So here are my questions: Did you add the vdisk, copy the data and then a snapshot occurred? If you do not have dedupe turned on the underlying storage container, I could see this taking up space if a backup occurred.

Second question, are you over your HA limit or near capacity to begin with and do you have the capacity to add what you're wanting to add.

Sometimes it can take the curator service a bit to catch up if the cluster is under heavy load, otherwise it shouldn't take all that long unless it's a monsterous amount of data it has to purge.
Thank you for the reply!

Yes, I added a vdisk and after deleting the disk, prism is telling me the space i just allocated and unallocated is used up.

I can see that new snapshots are being created. How can I see snapshots?

Before allocating a new disk to a vm we had about 12 TB free, I added 3 TB and then 6 TB afterwards. I deleted both of these vdisks but don't see the space freeing up and am now left with 3 TB.

Our team's Nutanix specialist up and left the team leaving it with me with no information. I'm new to the system so any help is greatly appreciated 🙏
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Hi Dan,

When you delete VMs or files from Nutanix cluster, it can take some time to reclaim the free space and this is the expected behavior, since the service responsible to clean up the space (the Curator) runs in background and sometime it requires few scans to free up all space available.

Please refer to the following KB and if the space from vDisks that you deleted was not reclaimed after 24 hours, please open a case on Nutanix support.
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By this point if the space hasn't reclaimed, you need to reach out to support and see if the vdisk hasn't fully been deleted