Volume Groups - Which API v3 or v2 & Ansible Module Nutanix NCP

  • 23 August 2023
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Hello Everyone 


I have been building Ansible Playbooks to automate Nutanix VM builds and I have the need to create and attach a volume group to some of the VM’s.  The Nutanix NCP module from Ansible Galaxy has been pretty much the only module I could locate that really handles the vm creation well.  What I have found is that depending on where you go there are conflicts in whether or not version 3 or version 2 of the API is supported.

While using the API explorer on Prism Central it is shown as volume_groups and appears exposed.  When reviewing docs and next.nutanix, various API information it appears it should work but doesn’t and I can’t seem to locate any good examples.

Anyone here willing to share code or direction on what they have working for volume group creation and management.  I am currently on working with 2 clusters with Prism Central deployed.  I am hopeful I can find a functional example of ansible or api calls that manage volumes and thank anyone in advance for their help.


Version Information


Version LTS

NCC Version 4.6.4

LCM 2.6.1





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Hi Glenn,


Had you look at