Veeam One VM heartbeat alerts nightly in a chain by host

  • 28 July 2016
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This is really weird, every night we are getting veeam one "Heartbeat is missing for VM" alerts from every guest in our protection domain, in a chain, by host. For instance, one host starts at 6:30pm and is all resolved by 8:50pn, then the next at 12am and resolved by 5am, then the last at 8am and resolved by 820am. We don't have backups going at 6pm (they start at 😎 and the snapshots go all day, hourly, so it can't be those causing it. Seems like some sort of nightly maintenance on the hosts that would be causing the issue. Any idea where I could look to see those logs?

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3 replies

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Is the alert the only thing you're getting? Meaning, are you seeing any other issues besides this one?
Either way, if you can, file a support ticket, and we can help you correlate the issues you're seeing being reported and what's going on under the covers.
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The alert is the only thing we're getting, indicating vcenter cant talk to vmware tools for whatever amount of time. Though there doesnt seem to be any actual outage.
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Did you find the root cause?
I'm facing exactly the same issue. Hundreds of "Hearbeat is missing" alerts and nothing seems to have stopped. Then it gets solved by itself....