Understanding NX GPU Solution

  • 2 March 2020
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Let us consider a scenario where you are running specific workloads that require extensive video rendering and needs GPU-enhanced acceleration.


Nutanix provides a solution in which the hardware is configured with GPU cards that allow video rendering to be passed through to the User Virtual Machine. 


Want to read about NVIDIA Grid vGPU on Nutanix? 


The following guide will help in understanding the architecture and requirements of handling it.


 Nvidia grid vGPU Guide 


So which hypervisors support this implementation? 


 The following hypervisors support the implementation : 


  •  AHV

  •  VMware vSphere 

  •  Microsoft Hyper-V


 The following document lists the hypervisor implementation in-depth for a vGPU solution. 


vGPU on Nutanix: Hypervisor Implementation



Have a GPU in your NX environment but wondering regarding the configuration, drivers requirement and basic troubleshooting?


Go through the following articles to understand some basic troubleshooting steps, commands and ways to configure video rendering for use with User VMs. 


H/W NX Basic GPU Troubleshooting 


Troubleshooting Commands AHV


Troubleshooting commands vSphere Vmware

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