Sysprep behaviour with/without Prism Central guest customization option

  • 11 April 2023
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Hello I'm currently working on a Windows Server 2022 image these days, and something got weird on the 3 below scenarios

1) From PC - deploying a new VM from image by specifiying guest customization with only username and password Sysprep seems to works but logs are quite short


2) From PC - using a unattend.xml in the guest customization settings that only change username/password Same result as you can see below


3) Manually from inside the VM, launching sysprep.exe /generalize /reboot /oobe Logs are very long (file is like 145ko vs 5ko for 1) and 2) and a lot more stuff seems to be done rather than 1) and 2) , as you can see below


My questions are :

Does the guest customization from PC is really working ?

what should be the best way to sysprep a VM from PC ?


Thanks a lot for your help :)


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