Switch is replacing for Nutanix Environment.

  • 4 September 2023
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anybody help me on below query,


We have a three node AHV Nutanix cluster which is running on 1 Gig TOR Switch, now we are replacing the 10 Gig TOR switch instead of 1 Gig TOR Switch.


is there any impact for the cluster..?

what are the steps need to take to  perform  this activity…?




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5 replies

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well, there should be no impact on cluster… Are you going to use the same NICS for the 10G connection? Or do you plan to use other nics as well?

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Thanks for your reply.


Yes we are planning to use the same nics (vlan) for the switch side.


can you tell me what steps need to take to perform this activity. ..?



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can you help me If we use other nics what is the procedure to perform this activity...?

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Overall with the same nics…

  • disabling the virtual switch (maybe not necessary, because you are not changing any bond mode.)
  • enable maintenance mode on host and cvm
  • perform necessary changes on network and check connectivity on host and cvm
  • disable maintenance mode on cvm and check cluster
  • disable maintenance mode on host.
  • repeat last 4 steps for 2 other hosts.
  • recreate the virtual switch.

If you are going to use other nics, you probably have to change the bond mode for the virtual switch.


check the networking guide on




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 Hi BartDonders,


Thanks for the replay

If i use other nics means need to create two bonds right..?

Example: 10 gig for management traffic (Host and CVM)---( Bro-up-Bond Mode)

                 1gig for guest vm traffic (Vms)--(Br1-up-BondMode)

is it correct..?