Supported Nutanix cluster version for ESXi 7.0u2

  • 11 November 2021
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My current Nutanix cluster version is 5.18, vCenter and ESXi is 7.0u1. I would like to upgrade the vCenter and ESXi to 7.0.u2. What version Nutanix cluster version support both vCenter and ESXi? And also the Prism version is:-

Version pc.2020.9.0.1

NCC Version:

LCM Version:


is it above Prism and other component need t upgrade as well.

4 replies

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Hello @KrishnanSeelharam Please provide hardware information. You can use following command to see the hardware model from one of the CVMs


ncli host ls

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Hello KrishnanSeelharam


To add to the point above, you can also use compatibility- interoperability matrix from Nutanix portal.

Please refer the following link



Hi Team,


Cloud you please also advise what is recommended upgrade process?

Which component i need to upgrade 1st? Please advise based on below.

Prism central current version 2020.9.0.1
NCC current version
Nutanix cluster Version 5.18
vCenter 7.0.1 17005016
Esxi VMware ESXi, 7.0.1, 16850804
Host:-ProLiant DX380 Gen10 24SFF

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Hi KrishnanSeelharam


Please use the link below to see the recommended upgrade order


Hope this helps