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  • 2 December 2019
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Let's say you're running a huge infrastructure of 10 pretty big SQL VMs and just shifted your infrastructure to Nutanix. You must be bewildered and confused regarding the best practices of SQL in Nutanix and how can you improve the performance.

For most SQL server databases, there is nothing that needs to be done in order to successfully run on Nutanix. 

SQL servers with small DBs are normal and okay but what about larger workloads?
Do we have some best practices guide that can help us improve our performance?

Yes, we have some general recommendation for running SQL workloads.

Try giving the following Knowledgebase articles a read to understand the configuration and recommended settings to improve performance of SQL workloads.


Want to know the best practices for different SQL workloads.

Try giving the following solution documentations a coffee read.

Microsoft SQL Server 

MySQL on Nutanix



HammerDB on SQL

You can try giving the following blog a read which states the top 5 best practises or tips for successful SQL Server virtualisation projects


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Great write up!