Space reclaimation for LINUX servers - RHEL 6.7 * VMWare 6.5

  • 1 June 2018
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Hi All,

Hope you are doing well. I have question regarding the storage usage and space reclaimation in VMWare 6.5 with Nutanix clusters. This question is more into VMware instead of Nutanix, thought of checking here.

Just to give a overview we have Nutanix nodes and we have got VMWare 6.x installed on the nodes, a single storage pool and multiple containers. I got a RHEL VM migrated from the old environment and it got 4 disks (10GB, 20 GB, 500GB & 5 GB), all the 4 disks are in the same DS and thin provisioned. No deduplication & compression enabled on those. Now when I access the VMware web console and look for the vmdk files by browsing the files in the DS, I can see a different capacity from the actual usage compared at the server level.

When I see the same VM via PRISM and I cannot see the 4 disks assigned to it. It shows only 1 disk with some 160 MB used out of 20 GB and none other than that.

Could you please help me to understand why its not showing the disks in the PRISM and why its showing a different usage in VMWare ?


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This issue has been fixed after upgrading AOS.