Snapshot VM's memory?

  • 20 December 2022
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I have a question about VM snapshots.  I dont think this is possible otherwise I’m sure it would be obvious in PE or PC but I’ll ask anyway:

Can we snapshot the VM’s active memory?  i.e. include the active OS memory in the snapshot, the equivalent of ESXI’s .vmem file

I’ve read up on crash vs application consistent snapshots but I dont see a mention of capturing the OS memory


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Hello @MWStu 

VM snapshots are by default crash-consistent, which means that the vDisks captured are consistent with a single point in time. The snapshot represents the on-disk data as if the VM crashed or the power cord was pulled from the server—it doesn't include anything that was in memory when the snapshot was taken. Today, most applications can recover well using crash-consistent snapshots.

Application-consistent snapshots capture the same data as crash-consistent snapshots, with the addition of all data in memory and all transactions in process. Because of their extra content, application-consistent snapshots are the most involved and take the longest to perform.