Server 2016, DirectAccess Role and AHV

  • 2 May 2018
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My issue is related to installing the Direct Access role on a AHV VM running server 2016. Here is my environment.

AOS: 5.6
Hypervisor: Nutanix 20170830.115
Windows OS: Server 2016
VirtIO Drivers 1.1.2
Server Imaged with SCCM

I've deployed many Direct Access servers in the past and I am seeing very unique issues with trying to configure it on AHV for the first time.

1.) After configuring the role, the Tunnel adapter 6TO4 is NOT created
2.)After configuring the role, the Tunnel adapter IPHTTPSInterface is NOT created
3.)After configuring the role, the server fails to retrieve gpudpates
4.) Upon rebooting the server, the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service fails to start.

However, if I deploy the EXACT same server image on a VMware VM, it works perfectly. Is there a known issue when deploying the DirectAccess role on a AHV(KVM) VM?

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I opened a ticket with support and looks like a KB was published for this issue.