Second Drive Disabled after Reboot

  • 15 March 2024
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I have a VM which has been moved to AHV from Hyper-V. It’s Windows 2019 Standard



After a WSUS update and reboot it will - without fail - boot with the second drive disabled. When I right click and enable the drive everything is fine, I reboot again to get a proper startup of SQL because the SQL data and program files are on that volume.

I have another server with two volumes that’s also a migrated Hyper-V VM, the only difference being the OS version. NGT is fine and the Nutanix drivers are hopefully up to date.

At this point I am struggling to work out where to look for additional diagnostic information. I’ve looked through the logs and nothing jumps out… And as I said a regular reboot is fine. As far as I know WSUS is not doing driver updates.

Can anyone point me at more useful diagnostic data.


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