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  • 12 June 2017
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I’m trying to find out if anyone has tried or is running SAS Grid on Nutanix?
We have a SAS consultant working with us but they have no experience of running SAS on a Nutanix cluster.
Any information would be gratefully received 😃

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7 replies

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I've been part of running a proof of concept SAS-grid cluster on Nutanix. The results were good. It definitely helped having more than one vdisk on each of the VMs. I would speak to your local Nutnanix rep, there are internal resources that could help.
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Thanks, I will contact our sales engineer.Have you virtualised the grid nodes ?If so how have you dealt with the shared storage for the grid nodes ?
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Hello my name is Arthur Perkins, I work in the Nutanix Support organization, I'm checking with a couple of teams to get some contact information for you.

If you'd like you can DM me your contact details, and I can pass them along.

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We did for the POC and used iSCSI shared volumes.
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Thanks, I've spoken to our Nutanix SE and he's collecting information Regards running SAS Grid on Nutanix.
We are deploying SAS Viya (MPP) on A Nutanix Cluster could you share your experience with SAS Grid Deployment ?
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Due to the fact we couldn’t get a validated deployment from Nutanix and no support from the third party at the time of deployment. We ended up running SAS Grid on a Physical 3 tier cluster sadly. 

I think things have now changed. Please see the link below