SAP Hana certified on Nutanix?

  • 25 September 2017
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As per SAP Note 2428012 - SAP on Nutanix (Version 10 from Mar 15, 2017 in English), it states that
HANA Support
As of now, no Nutanix hardware is certified to run HANA workloads. However, if you wish to leverage a fully supported solution for HANA alongside Nutanix, only a Bridge to HANA solution is supported. For more information".

Whats the latest new on this, is HANA supported now, if yes can you please let me know the SAP note or any source assosiated with it


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Hi Sreeram

right now, that note is still valid. Basically, you have to select a certified system from SAP's HCL for the HANA database. You can find that list here: can then run the remaining components for your SAP solution on a Nutanix cluster with for example a Lenovo HX system or Dell XC system, which is what we refer to as "Bridge to HANA". We will update the SAP Note as soon as we have newer information to share, but until that time that note is considered up to date.