Replace HDD/SSD with different capacity

  • 15 May 2016
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I would like to ask if Nutanix support replace SSD/HDD with different capacity.

The reason I ask is that I want to keep the certain Hot Data ratio when data growth but without a growth on compute capacity.

My concern is that if I just add the NX-6035C could allow me to growth my data, but the SSD may not enough for maintain the ratio of required Hot Data.


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Hi Jon,

What plan do you suggest if we already have the data on Nutanix container, and we need to replace the HDD with different size ?
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There are a few points in here

1 - SSD Tier size concerns when adding cold nodes
Rarely does the size of an applications working set just "go up" arbitrarily, and even when it does, it usually translates into additional CPU and memory being needed to address more and more resources.

We haven't seen many if any issues when adding cold nodes strictly for the sake of capacity, as that is their purpose, simply adding more cold storage.

If you're application is growing, you'd very likely need to buy more "regular" nodes anyways, which would increase the size of all resources.

That said, there could be some corner cases in which you do have physical GB capacity going up, and working set size (hot data) going up, and not need anymore compute.

To this end, a future release is going to let you add ANY node as a "cold" node, such that you could have an "all flash" storage only node, to JUST increase the size of the SSD tier.

2 - Replace Drive in a node with a different capacity
While we dont advertise it, we have done this plenty of times as the situation arises. Ideally, we get the sizing correct upfront, so this isn't needed, but we've done this "tactically" with customers. This isn't something I'd plan on having to do on a regular basis if I were you.