Remote snapshot status

  • 5 January 2024
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My replication snapshot completed and showing in local snapshots in remote site but not showing in last successful snapshot, where to check is it successful or not

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3 replies

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In prsim element go to data protection. Then select "table” and select the correct data protection name. Then below you can see the "Replications” and there is running, pending and successful. 

Below screenshot is what i mean. (Although I dont have any replications ;)) 



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it was showing in production prism but not showing in remote site, just checking possible cause, yesterday it was working fine

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last successful information not getting updated after 2nd snapshot, want to check why it is not updating last successful snapshot.

These are manual snapshots, i have taken 4 snapshots after first 2 snapshots completed it is showing, but after 3rd snapshot it is not updating last successful snapshot