RDP Connections Freezing - Windows Server 2022

  • 22 September 2022
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RDP to guest vm’s running Windows Server 2022 are freezing a few seconds after connecting. Running latest VirtIO drivers 1.1.7. After rebooting the guest, RDP seems to work ok for an hour or so before freezing again. Guest memory utilization 48%, CPU 3-5% so no issue there.


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10 replies

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That is more a Windows/network/firewall issue then Nutanix. Are the rest of the machines working correctly?

Yes, RDP freezing does not occur on 2019 and earlier server VM’s. Console session is fine. We have 2x 2022 VM’s both experiencing the same behavior.

We’re experiencing the same issue. Virtio 1.1.7, newer 2022 boxes, no other servers exhibiting those symptoms.

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Do you have any anti-virus, security or application white Iisting tool install on the vm which is creating such issue.


Please do check how the data read /write how much data read/write is from ssd. You can check this from prim storage matrix of the affected Ted vm



Latest virtio drivers added support for Server 2022.  Maybe try those?


Facing similar issue for Win 2022 VMs, any fix for this?

VirtIO running at 1.1.7


Facing similar issue for Win 2022 VMs, any fix for this?

VirtIO running at 1.1.7

VirtIO is up to 1.2.1 which added support for server 2022.  Please test those out.



I had the same issue after in place upgrade from Windows Server 2019 to 2022.

Connection from the web console was working well.

The solution was, as mentioned in previous comments, to update the virtIO to version 1.2.1.

We are seeing the same problem, all 2019 and older are perfect, 2022 keeps bombing on RDP.  V 1.2.1  installed and still persists


okay so while I installed V tools 1.2.1 the network card looks like it grabbed the wrong version from the ISO, I manually pointed the NIC to the 2022/x64 folder and it updated the drivers and now its good

Deploying 2Windows 2022 Standard on AHV on 1/24/2024, using the VirtIO 1.1.7 drivers, the RDP disconnect/freeze issue continued to be a challenge.  Upgrading to VirtIO 1.2.3, the issue was resolved.