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  • 26 September 2023
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Hello technical leaders,

Yesterday, I recieved the letter about KB-14514. It is HP firmware issue.

There is,


HPE DX380/DX360 G10 Plus: Filesystem Errors and I/O errors on a hypervisor boot volume


The node is HPE DX380 G10 Plus FSC or HPE DX380 G10 Plus. It may have different number of drives such as 12, 24, etc. 
Has HBA controller HPE-NS204i-x-Gen10-Boot-Controller. HPE-NS204i-p-Gen10+ Boot-Controller with part number P12965-B21 or HPE-NS20i-r-Gen10+ Boot-Controller with part number P26463-B21.
The host in most instances will be unreachable via SSH and not allow console logins.
Filesystem inode errors and potentially other filesystem errors will be displayed on the IPMI console. Please note you may not see this on ESXi.
The boot drives in the RAID report S.M.A.R.T status as PASSED/OK 
HPE iLO console for the host may show I/O errors as per the screenshot.

We have HPE DX380 G10 Plus and use HPE-NS204i-x-Gen10-Boot-Controller.
I have a question. Will this be affected by environments other than with P12965-B21 or P26463-B21?

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I had the same issue last friday, I had to physically reboot the server.

As the KB advised, you should at least upgrade the controller firmware (you can do it through iLo webpage manually) but I’ll advised to use LCM firmware on your cluster to use the HPE SPP to upgrade ALL your firmwares.

Hello Mr.

Thank you for your reply. But we found the matter.

Our Servers are HPE DX360 Gen10+ 4LFF CTO Svr model.

Therefore it is not true of our system because P26463-B21 is not available on the 4 LFF model.

Sorry for bothering you.. So sorry...