PRISM Stats stops working for Hyper-V hosts

  • 24 August 2016
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Hi all,

Just wanted to check if anyone else is having issues with PRISM stops collecting CPU and Memory Stats from the Hyper-V hosts themselves.

The issue seems to be somewhat sporadic and I havn't been able to Pin-Point any specific operation nor any specific time.

Restarting the NutanixHostAgent helps to resolve the issue until it stops collecting again.
We are currently running 4.6.1 and are using Logical Switches that perhaps might be one of the problem.

When this happends the Runway function in Prism Central stops working properly so while it is a "cosmetic" issue it still affects other functions inside of other Nutanix Functions.

Kind Regards

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2 replies

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Please open a case with Nutanix support team. This is a known issue which be fixed in new AOS release. There is a workaround available and it requires an increase in remote shell timeout settings.

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And thank you for the information.

Out of curiosity, does this also in some extent affect NCC Health Checks? We can see on a daily basis that a few NCC Checks either Times Out or "Can not be parsed" correctly.

Kind Regards