P2V Windows 10 to AHV

  • 9 July 2020
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Hi All,

I am trying to migrate one Windows 10 PC to Nutanix Acropolis.

I tried to run a full backup with Veeam endpoint and tried the baremetal recovery in to Nutanix and that did not work.

I tried this method for almost all of our servers (but they are already on nutanix) to restore into our test environment (running Nutanix CE) with out any issues. But this time I am doing it with Physical device to virtual and did not work.

So is there any other method to do this. I see a lot of topics here mentioned vCenter converter but I never used it. Is there any particular steps I need to be careful about when using that tool. 

Thank you,

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3 replies

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Hi there!

VMware Converter is not officially supported by Nutanix, unfortunately. We recommend SUREedge Migrator by Sureline.

Hopefully, someone has some experience they’d like to share on P2V migration here as well.

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So, Nutanix doesn’t have any official tool that can convert Physical servers to virtual.


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I thought about it as well. What follows is my personal opinion. When you think about it, virtualisation has been present on the market for so long that not only there are very few physical servers left (too expensive, maintenance overhead, not enough resiliency) but we are also slowly moving away from virtualisation of servers towards virtualisation of applications.

As there are not too many customers requesting the P2V migration feature the request does not make it to the top of sought features to be developed. This is the logic with any vendor. So it kind of makes  sense, I think.