Oracle Vm licensing

  • 19 October 2023
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What is the policy for Oracle DB Virtual machine licensing?.

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7 replies

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the policy, like anything Oracle, will be spank the customer! Licensed per core that Oracle can use, whether it does or not! It why its always best to run Oracle (if you have to) on the lowest core count hardware that you can!

Hi Khoskin,


Customer is having Nutanix 4 node cluster with 128 physical cores than he needs to license all the physical cores or only Virtual machine core.

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think it is physical cores that Oracle can use.  So if you had a host with 24 cores then you would need to license Oracle for 24 cores even if the VM was only using say 8 vCPU’s.  I would talk to Oracle licensing as they are reknown for being aggressive in their licensing.  In a previous role the business continued to run Oracle on an old IBM cluster rather than migrate to nutanix as the old IBM hosts had less cores than the nutanix hosts. 

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There are some type of Oracle licenses. However, it related to Oracle not Nutanix, you need to reach out to Oracle sales team

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Normally Oracle enforce to license the Full Physical cluster, best case i have seem is have separate low core database cluster. 

But you can still check with Oracle Licensing expert 

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Have a look into below article discussing Compute only nodes for oracle to save on oracle license cost.



Compute only nodes are the way to go for Oracle. It will minimize your licensing while increasing the max performance of the DB because there are no resources being shared by the CVM. When it comes to Oracle, the licensing bill makes the Nutanix price a rounding error.