Official support date for vSphere 5.5/5.5U1

  • 13 February 2014
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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have an official date for the support of vSphere 5.5?
And with 5.5 update 1 right around the corner (next month or so), do you now if the U1 version will be supported on the release date or will we need to wait some more?

For what it's worth, our block is running fine in 5.5 since ~1month (although unsupported by Nutanix, we updated it with VUM without problem).

Thanks in advance for you answers,

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2 replies

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HI shuguet,

vSphere 5.5 is officially supported by Nutanix.
This is since version 3.5.1, not sure when that was released, but current is 3.5.2 ;-)
(3.5.2 was released 2 weeks ago or so..?)

Not sure about 5.5u1 but as i undstand Nutanix, they are quite "relaxed" when it comes to support of newer HV-Software-versions.

If you are a customer, you should talk to your partner or nutanix contact about an update of the entire platform, as there have been some webconsole enhancements too.
Not to forget: bugs have been fixed too (not that there were any .. 😉 )
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3.5.3 out now, and another update not far away I believe.

We ran 5.5 out of the box on a new install with I'm looking to 5.5U1 because Vmware never get it right until the U1 update just as MS never get it right until SP1.

They should call all initial version releases gammas, third level testing into real world situations - gotta love those multi-billion$ software firms....