Nutanix Support for acquired environment

  • 18 November 2021
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Hi there community, I’m hoping that someone can give me some guidance. We recently acquired a facility with some Nutanix clusters deployed, and this is my first time working with Nutanix. I have access to the vSphere hosts but no idea on the Nutanix side of things. Trying to activate the support portal with any and all serial numbers I can find just gives me an invalid serial number message….which means I can’t open a support ticket to ask about the serial numbers. I see each of the host machines running a Nutanix Controller VM, but I’m guessing there is a central management console tied to the hardware (NX?), and a spreadsheet from the seller lists some hardware/enclosure serial numbers, but under serial number just mentions refer to PRISM. I’m trying to hunt down someone at the seller to provide more details and make sure things get transferred, but is there anything I can do or look at in the meantime to figure this thing out?

2 replies

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Look For one of the ip adresses of the cvm’s. Then open a browser and browse to http://<cvm ip>:9440 and you are on prism element. Login credentials I cant provide ;).

Thanks, I actually was able to get that info out of the seller a bit ago, and was able to log in. I’m working through trying to unregister it from their Prism and vCenter setup, which isn’t accessible anymore, and was at least able to get the right serial numbers. I say they are the right serial numbers, because instead of an invalid error, I now get an error that I am not authorized for that serial number. Back to the seller to get some sort of transfer...and if nothing else they can open a ticket since I can’t. :)