Nutanix Data Center - Riverbed SteelFusion (Regional Offices)

  • 4 May 2016
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I am considering deploying a hub-spoke architecture with Nutanix Clusters at 1-2 Data Centers with Riverbed SteelFusion Hyper-Converged Appliances at the Regional Offices (To Reduce Server Footprint and Optimize WAN connectivity).

Has anyone on the board deployed this solution? If so, please elaborate on your experiences...


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4 replies

Did you implement this? I was looking at the same thing. Although I was thinking about using the Riverbeds as edge devices for a VDI deployment. I see no one answered you. I would appreciate any information you could provide, thanks.
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Sorry for the delayed response, have been really busy at work! Pre AHV-AOS 5.0 versions of NUTANIX (Acropolis Block Services) and Riverbed implementations of iSCSI were incompatible. Work with both vendors to document the issues, upload and analyze respective logs, WebEx troubleshooting sessions etc...

To their credit, both vendors were and remain highly engaged in resolving any compatability issues.

Did not test VDI on the Edge devices as my particuliar use case was for a File-Print Server Spoke Hub configuration of NUTANIX storage heavy nodes (XC-730xd) in the Data-Center connected via ABS to a two node Active-Passive configuration of Riverbed SteelFusion Core (Data Center) with Two Node Active-Active SteelFusion Edge Cluster at the Remote (ROBO) site (riverbed at the ROBO in order to leverage WAN Optimization and Network Insight)...

Currently on AHV-AOS 5.1 (NUTANIX) and Current RIOS-Vsphere 6.5 (RIVERBED Edge) and the connection between the two platforms (Core in DC-Edge in WA) has been rock solid! Successuly running 2008R2 and 2012R2...

However, until both Vendors officially partner and place one anothers platforms on their respective HCLs, I would not implement this solution in production. NOTE: They do appear to be moving in that direction...
Hi, thanks for all of the information, that is very helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
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You're welcome 🙂.