NTP time sync in cluster consisting Hyper-V compute nodes and AHV storage nodes

  • 4 March 2020
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I have a customer who is having a cluster of 11 Hyper-V 2016 compute nodes and 2 AHV storage nodes. During a NCC health check, there is an error mentioning that the 2 AHV nodes are not syncing with any NTP server. The current NTP time sync setup is something like this.


Nutanix cluster (Hyper-V and AHV) → DC → NTP source


First question, how should we begin troubleshooting the issue? There is no remote access for our support to perform a webex session troubleshooting due to security.


Second question, customer is changing the NTP source. This new NTP source is 1-2 mins behind. Any impact if customer proceeds to update on the DC? Does the cluster auto sync up 


Third question, at what time intervals does the nutanix cluster probe or sync up with NTP time?



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You could start by searching for ‘ntp’ at the .

There is a KB-4519 NCC Health Check: check_ntp. You would need to log in to a CVM on the cluster. Is any remote access possible?

For syncing to the source that is behind the CVM time I would strongly suggest opening a case with Nutanix Support team as there is a risk of the impact to the cluster if not actioned carefully. The procedure is manual.

When looking at ntpq output, poll value is the frequency of polling values from the NTP server in seconds.

Let me know if that helps or we can help you any further.




Remote access not possible. I have a logged a case and working with support on this. Thanks!