• 20 January 2016
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CIFS is supported via Hyper-V currently. Rumor has it that native CIFS for the NTNX File servers is scheduled for the NOS 4.6 release. Is there any pre-GA information on this?

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5 replies

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- thanks for reaching out.

Correction, NOS supports SMB3 specifically for VM storage via Hyper-V.

In NOS 4.6, we will be releasing a tech preview of "Scale out File Server", specifically on AHV first. This will provide typical CIFS/SMB for file sharing (think a filer replacement). Future releases will come to other hypervisors when the feature actually GA's.
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Dying for CIFS capabilities. We're waiting to order more blocks!!!
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Just for interest, why would this feature be hypervisor dependent? I would have thought the storage tier presenting SMB/NFS natively would not care about the hypervisor as you would connect directly to an IP on the storage tier or is this actually being done via a VM which will present SMB/NFS rather than the storage tier natively and the VM appliance is initially only being built for AHV?
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- 4.6 is right around the corner, we're going through the last few QA and release prep cycles now.
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- It's not hypervisor dependent, per-se, it just so happens that we're only doing the tech preview on AHV first.

In terms of overall function, while this will be tied right into NOS and Prism, the actual file services are scaled out into their own "NVMs" or NAS VM's.

Similar in functionality and concept to a CVM, but to be clear, they are separate.

The workflow will create the filer cluster on top of the existing NAS cluster, and present the storage up into it. There is no hypervisior specific functions here.

Once we go GA, the plan is to extend the functionality to the other hypervisors, no problem.