Microsoft Windows Server DataCenter 2022 license on AHV (perpetual vs open w SA)

  • 2 December 2022
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A customer would like to run Microsoft Windows Server DataCenter 2022 in an AHV environment and we are looking at licensing for this.  We want DataCenter cause of unlimited VM’s. 

We have recently heard that this has changed in the past year and only retail or perpetual licensing can run on Hyper-V and you can not run on AHV or Vmware anymore.  This is because it needs the host to communicate with some licensing portal. 


So we have to purchase Open Value with SA for running AHV which is considerably more money and have to pay on a yearly subscription.


They gave us this description. 

Windows Server 2022 Datacenter 2-Core License + SA (3 Yr)

SKU: 9EA-00643
Open Value with Software Assurance (3 Years)
(3) 24-Core Hosts & Unlimited VMS
Nutanix Hypervisor
Fulfilled with MAK/KMS License
Downgrade Rights to 2019 & 2016


Can anyone confirm this?

If true this is crap and Microsoft is pushing their stupid hypervisor.

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