Managing a Hyper-V cluster

  • 17 December 2019
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Let’s say you have a new NX Hyper-converged architecture and want to use Hyper-V as a hypervisor, but now you are confused regarding the initial configuration and what all are required.

Questions which are hovering your mind right now !!!

  • What are the requirements to create a Nutanix cluster with Hyper-V?

  • How can I image the nodes with Hyper-V and install AOS?

  • How can I manage my Hyper-V host?

  • How can I create a failover cluster and update Hyper-V settings?

  • How can I create and manage VMs, especially HA VMs?

Do we provide a documentation which can help you answer all these queries?

Yes, absolutely

Give this following documentation a read to easily get started with Hyper-V.


Want to know about the configuration of Hyper-V in Nutanix in-depth?

Go through this documentation guide to understand how Hyper-V gets configured in a Nutanix environment.

Hyper-V configuration

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