Logging VM Activity Events in Prism

  • 12 May 2020
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There was a thread back in 2016 regarding getting VM activity events logged in Prism (PE or PC).  Events such as powering on and off a VM should be displayed in PE or PC so we can try to track down when a reboot may have occurred easily.  This has been a core VMware vCenter function for ages, but is glaringly absent in Prism for AHV.

My company is in the middle of the AHV conversion right now, and my teammates are asking me how to find out about these events.  I don’t really like the idea of giving untrained folks access to the “nutanix” account on the CVM to look at acropolis.log.


In the 2016 thread, someone said enhancements are coming to Prism.  Are they still coming?


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Hi @BlakeRobertsNBL  VM activity is now logged in the Prism Element.

  1. Click on the VM
  2. Under Summary, there is an option VM EVENTS

Displays the ten most recent VM-specific event messages. Click a message to open the Event screen at that message. You can also open the Event screen by clicking the "view all events" button at the bottom of the list.


Please refer Prism Element Guide for reference

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Hey @BlakeRobertsNBL,


Yes we have had this ‘Audit’ feature since AOS 5.10 in Prism Central.

A lot of common VM CUD actions such as changing power state, cloning, adding disks/NIC’s etc are audited operations. Please take a look at the below document.


Also if you like to forward these logs to a remote syslog server, check this out.