Hypervisor Upgrade (ESXi) using One Click (Host Maintainance Mode issue)

  • 23 June 2016
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Apart from listed pre-requisites before starting Hypervisor Upgrade (ESXi) listed below, had to Disable Affinity Rules under DRS to enable ESXi host go into Maintainance mode and continue update.

Got stuck since i did found this part the hard way...
1) Genesis.out log pointed the target CVM owning Shutdown token and not letting it go.
2) Then from vCenter: Manual Shutdown of CVM -> Manually put related ESXi host in Maintainance mode -> Exit Maintainance mode -> Start CVM
3) Go to PRIMS and upgrade continues... and so does 2048...

- Koji

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2 replies

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Were these affinity rules "must" rules or "should" rules?

Also, out of my own curiosity, what were you using the rules for?
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Also, for the sake of posterity, can you submit a support ticket, so we can formally track this? Ideally, we should detect this issue and notify you up front.