Hyper-V Cluster change to 10Gig

  • 20 April 2016
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Hello folks,

I installed a 3node cluster with hyper-v on 1Gig interfaces. Now I want to "migrate" this setting to 10gig interfaces. If i disconnect the 1gig interfaces and plugin the 10gig interfaces the host disconnects and no services are functional. I have to disconnect the 10gig interfaces and reconnect the 1gig interface to reach the host/cluster.
Is there a document which describes the procedure to change 1gig to 10gig interfaces? Or could anybody give me some advice?
If i check the nic teaming on the hyper-v hosts there are 4 interfaces (2x1gig, 2x10gig) added to the NetAdapterTeam.

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2 replies

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send in a support ticket and we'll help you power through this. should just be some small changes to netadapter team.

Also, FYI, unrelated, not sure what release you're on, but heads up that 4.6.1 just came out, ton of hyper-V releated fixes in there.
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Hi, I would try following:
  • Add 10G interfaces to the 1G team first
  • Verify status of 10G interfaces is up
  • Verify 10G interfaces are on same VLAN i.e. on Hyper-V if tagged and switchports as well
  • Disconnect 1G ports
  • Confirm if all is ok