How to schedule a VM power state with AHV

  • 21 June 2017
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I will looking to migrate from VMware to AHV in the next few weeks.

As I understand it, it is not possible to schedule the state of a VM say for Shutdown or Power On, as you can do in VMware.

Is there a workaround and is this on the roadmap?

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5 replies

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Hi ice

Can you elaborate more what exactly you meant by "schedule VM power state".

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Hi Artur,

So in vSphere right now there is an option to create throught the vCenter GUI a Scheduled Task (Change the power state of a VM, Clone a VM, Create a Vm etc).

The main use of Scheduled Tasks for me is to shutdown and then after a short delay, power a series of VMs back up.

Does AHV support such a feature?
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Nope, it does not.
You will have two choices:
  1. Create PowerShell script/one-liner and put it into schedule on some windows box
  2. Create Bash script/one-liner and put it into CVM cron schedule

Is this still the case, there is no automated way in Prism to schedule a task like VMware vCenter?
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Is this still the case?